The Abandoned House

Hello, My Readers. I would tell you about my real experience with the paranormal. First of all we should know the meaning of the paranormal. “All of the things that are impossible to explain by known natural forces or by science is called Paranormal”. This can include UFO’s, Ghost, and black magic.
Well, let’s get back to my story. Before going by the flow of my story, I must tell you that before this actual experience I used to be a hard-core non-believer of the paranormal. I used to laugh at it and make fun of people who have experienced the paranormal. It was like I wasn’t scared of anything dead or alive, I guess you understand what I am trying to say. But after this paranormal episode, I have started to think that is this thing for real and I became more interested in exploring it even further.
This event happened in Indonesia when my wife and I had gone to visit her family in the center of the city called Yogyakarta. Everything was close by, like the malls, supermarkets, and traditional market. There are a lot of houses which are occupied and some are empty.
One day while we were riding back after visiting a family friend who lived at the out skirts of the city and it was around 8 pm. We both were enjoying the breath taking scenery and the cool breeze blowing across our face. It was fantastic. While on the bike, I noticed a house which was very close to the main road and it seemed empty or abandoned. I stopped the bike and showed my wife the house and she said it looks very spooky. I laughed at her and asked her if we can visit the house. After thinking for a while, she said yes. Oh, this is my time to show her that there is no such thing called paranormal.
We parked the bike on the side of the road and we both started walking towards that house. I was having fun while walking towards the house, while my wife’s face was wrenching. When we reached the house and stood in front of it, we both realised that the temperature around us had dropped drastically but we just thought it must be the rainy season which did that. So, we clicked a few pics here and there and we continued our exploring.
It was 10 pm already so we agreed to go back. When walking back, my wife heard someone talking and she looked back to see who it was. I asked her what was she looking at and she told me she heard someone talking. I looked around and could not see anyone. I told her it must be the breeze or some animal. Then, we started walking towards where the bike was parked.dscn1436
BANG!, one of the windows of the house opened and closed again. That loud bang of the window shook both of us since it was dark and we were the only ones there. My wife was scared like hell, and I laughed at her and told her not to be scared it was just the wind. Poor pumpkin of mine. Then, when we looked around we saw a man but we could not see his face clearly since everything was dark and he was walking towards the same house. He opened the door went inside and closed the door without even considering us that we were standing there.
I thought it was strange, I decided to go and speak to that man but my wife was scared and she was holding my hand tight as if to say not to go. Suddenly, the wind was blowing strong and it started to rain. My wife pulled me to go and I was killing my curiousity. Damn!
We both returned to the bike and wore our raincoats and drove back. That night was still in my mind.
Next morning, I tried to bribe my wife so we could go back to that house and ask that man about the house’s history. After my wife agreed she said that we can go there only in the afternoon. Since she gave her will to go, I prepared my cam and my tools to detect any spirit (if any). And we went there the same day to click the pic of the house and find out the history of that house.
After reaching that house and looking around it and the surrounding it wasn’t so scary after all. My wife was also cool about it. So we clicked a few pics here and there and I noticed that the house was old and abandoned for a long time and looking at its condition there was no way anyone could live there. But then we had seen a man walk into this house last night and close the door as if he was living here. Since my wife did not want us to be there for a long time. So I decided to go and knock at the door and speak to the man about the history of the house. After knocking at the door many times there were no answer. So I went around the house and shouted “Hello!” from outside, but there was no answer. Finally, after trying for a few minutes we decided to head back home. But just before we left I had a peep into the house through window and saw that it was all dirty and there were broken chairs all around dead birds and cobwebs and it seemed that the house was discarded for a very long time and looking at the condition inside the house there was no way anyone could live there. But there was a question in our mind ‘who was that man and where did he go?’.
The next day, we didn’t speak about it anymore since we were so busy with our daily routines. Two days after our last visit, we had our dinner and we sat in front of the television to catch up with some news and then I realised that they were showing the same house on the television which we had stopped to see. The news was that the government were going to renovate the house to preserve its local heritage. The government said that it is better to bring back the original shape and style of the house than leaving it abandoned without anyone taking care of the house. They showed interviews of the local people living around there and they said that the house was very old and was abandoned by the owner in the 1800’s since the owner believed that house was haunted and nobody could live there anymore and the locals would never go there even in the day time. I looked at my wife and she knew exactly what I had on my mind. “Did we see a ghost”.


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