My Experience with a Haunted Street-Yogyakarta Chapter

There are so many haunted streets around the world where you can not pass it during a certain time. Yogyakarta which is located in Indonesia has this haunted street. And, this is about my experience with one of it.
This street is actually just a narrow street between the housing area and a train work public company which belongs to the Indonesian government. Many people have to pass it since the street is the only transportation access for people who work and live there. The houses there belong to the workers who stay there temporarily due to their work placement. So, it is true that the area is merry in the working hours between 7 am to 5 pm, but the street looses its merry after 5 pm.
The street gets its light from the street lamps which make the street less scarier than it looks. But, somehow people in Yogya hesitate and try to avoid passing there after 5 pm. Only one or two vehicles can be seen passing it during night time. Why does this happen?

The public secret in Yogyakarta tells that the street is full of banyan trees and those trees are known as the house of the lost souls, spirit/ghosts, or even evil. You may deny it but this is not only a myth since people in East Asia, South East Asia, and especially, my own country-India, believe that the story of this Banyan tree is true. Yogyanese who likely believe in this ghost story or paranormal avoid passing through this street because of this.

When people have to pass the street at night, they will blow the horn of their vehicle once or twice to keep themselves alert. If they do not do this, they believe that something bad will happen, such as a punctured tire or loosing control of the vehicle and crashing into the small gutter which runs alongside the street. Well, this is the same thing what happened to me.
The night when I drove my car slowly with my wife passing the street, I forget to blow the horn as my wife had warned me before. The result is as predicted, one of the tire shrieked and the car almost slipped to the left. As we panicked, my wife tried to blow the horn twice and we were back on our way. At the same time, I saw a tiny bright light which was moving so fast between trees. My heart was beating fast and I really thank my wife that she could handle the stern-wheel back to the road. Thanks to Jesus Christ our Lord that we were unharmed in that incident.
Another incident that happened recently in March this year was one boy who lived in the surrounding area was lost and later found sitting under one of the Banyan tree in that street. You may think that the boy must have been kidnapped or lost his way. But, the story from the boy is out of logic that one of his friend asked him to play there under those banyan trees and after that he disappeared and his parents and the neighbors couldn’t find him for 24 hours. But the boy said that he was playing with children who lived in those banyan trees. Well the boy’s story is hard to believe and what was that tiny bright light I saw which was moving so fast between those trees. Whatever it was but the answer is out there.


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