My Experience with a Voodoo High Priest in India

Well I have heard a lot of stories about Voodoo all my life but I did not know what exactly it is. So, I did a little research on what Voodoo is and the information I gathered was very interesting. I wanted to do a little more research on Voodoo and since I live in India it was easy to get some information where it was practised. To my surprise, Voodoo is practised everywhere in India but it is not done in the open since it is considered illegal and some kind of Taboo in the society. And people who perform Voodoo are considered a low caste in India and if they are caught doing Voodoo the only punishment they get it death. Voodoo is practised maximum in some parts of India, like Utter Pradesh and Kolkata. And it is very hard to locate the person who actually performs Voodoo in these parts of India. If you ask people around about where you can find the person who performs Voodoo they will look at you in a very curious way. So if I had to find a person who performs Voodoo is I had to go out there and find the PERSON.
I spoke to my wife about my interest in Voodoo and the only answer I got from her was a big “NO”. Oh, and a threat that she will not cook my favorite tandoori for a month. But that did not disappoint me because I know I can convince my pumpkin. So, I did not push this topic more with her. I let some weeks pass and during this time I did more research on Voodoo. I contacted one of my friend who lives in Kolkata where Voodoo is practised maximum. I told him that we would visit him and since we were new to the place he promised to show us around. My wife knew what was on my mind and all I had to do is look at her and smile. My wife knows I would never let any harm come to her.
Since we had a full week free before we fly to Indonesia. We decided to go to visit my friend in Kolkata so I booked the flight tickets and the hotel. We packed and just before we were leaving to go to the airport I told my wife I love her more than my life and I was just interested to know what is Voodoo and nothing else. My wife knows me well and supports me in all my crazy adventures.
We reached Kolkata and checked in the hotel and then I phoned my friend and told him we have arrived. We decided to meet him the next day. My friend came to the hotel at 9 am the next day. We met him at the coffee shop in the hotel and while we were sipping on the coffee I told him about my interest in knowing about Voodoo. He stopped sipping his coffee and looked at me and my wife and said.. ‘Are you serious’ I looked at him and told him I seriously wanted to know what Voodoo is and how it is performed. He was totally without words and after a while he told me he will try to find out where it is performed. My friend called a man who knew a person who is a high priest in Voodoo and he arranged a meeting with that high priest the same evening.
In the evening we hired a taxi and drove to the place where we had to meet that person. On the way we had to stop in the market to buy a few things. We had to buy a big black alive chicken and a bottle of local alcohol and some red powder some flowers and a new unused knife. I looked at my wife and smiled and assured her everything is alright. We had to wait for a while for that person to come. After that person came we headed towards a huge flowing river where we could see many dead bodies being cremated. I asked that man why are these bodies being cremated here he said it is a place where all Hindu cremate their dead. It all looked a bit spooky with so many dead bodies being cremated. Anyways we walked alongside the river for a while and we reached a small old tent where a weird man was sitting in front of a small bonfire with his legs crossed. He had long uncombed hair and with something red all over his forehead. He had white power all over his body and he was practically without any cloths. I looked at my friend and asked him, “Who is this man?”
My friend told me he is the high priest of Voodoo. We gave the goods we had got from the market to the high priest. He took the goods and seemed happy and then my friend started asking him questions. That night I learned so many things about the Voodoo high priest which totally makes you wonder how can a man live this way.
Let me tell you a few things about the Voodoo high priest. Remember I told you the high priest had something red all over his forehead it is the blood of the sacrificed animal which is done during the Voodoo cult. The blood of the sacrificed animal is also sprinkled on a black Voodoo doll the high priest makes to mimic the person on who the Voodoo cult is performed for. And the white powder on his body is nothing but the ashes of the cremated dead bodies which he has to apply during the Voodoo cult is a protection against the evil spirits and demons who work for him. The Voodoo high priest has to eat whatever is left of the cremated dead body. My stomach is curled when I am sitting in front of this high priest. I told my friend lets go because I had too much for one day and my wife was feeling very uncomfortable. After everything was said and done we returned to the hotel.
After meeting this Voodoo high priest and knowing how Voodoo is performed I think it’s better not to go to such places anymore since the surrounding is unhygienic and illogical. But at the end of the day it is very interesting to know that such people still exists.


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