When My Wife Met The Girl

Back in the dry season five years ago, it was my second visit to my wife’s hometown. I was quite new to anything in town, especially the people. We went to visit several of my wife’s friends.
One day, we went to visit one of her friends in the suburban area. We visited this friend in the afternoon, around 2 pm. We went there and we arrived in a nice old Dutch house. Everything in the house is vintage, old paint, and Marquisa vines are everywhere. It is a nice combination of the vintage and nature.
We rang the bell and there was my wife’s friend standing to greet us. This friend of my wife has long black hair and slender looks, a perfect match with the house in my opinion. When we stepped into the house the door at the back of us closed with a loud noise. We startled and my wife’s friend is apologized to us, said that it was the strong wind that closed the door. Going into the house, we looked around and saw so many vintage mirrors and house accessories.
My wife was not often going there so she admired the various shape of mirrors. When she looked at the third mirror she asked her friend whether she lives alone or with her parents or her relatives. My wife had a rough idea that her friend lives with her husband and she has a daughter who lives in a different city because of her studies. Then, of course, her friend said no she lives alone at the moment and she told us to sit down while she was taking refreshment for us.
While she was inside, my wife said that she saw a girl with jet black hair and she was wearing a rumple white skirt playing near the stairs. She pointed towards the stairs but I saw nothing. Five minutes later, I heard steps from upstairs and I heard a door closing. I asked my wife did she hear the steps and the door closing upstairs but she said she did not hear anything. Then I told my wife that I don’t think she lives alone.
Before my wife could reply her friend came with sweet refreshments for us. She asked us to enjoy them. Before she opened a conversation, we asked her again where is her husband and other members who live in the house. She said that her husband is out for work and no one else lives there. Then, she asked us if we saw or heard anything odd.
Finally, we told her that my wife saw a little girl and I heard steps and a door closing upstairs, she began with her story. She often heard footsteps and dreamt of the same girl who asked her to play with her. When she walked pass the mirror in her room, she saw the girl. At one time, she was scared but she also felt sorry for her because she thinks that the girl is trapped in her house.
My wife asked her if the girl has black hair and wearing a rumpled white skirt. Yes, her friend said. My wife then said you know that the girl is around 17 years old and it is so odd if the girl asked you to play with her. Her friend’s face became pale and she said that the little girl’s age is around 6 years old. My friend thought that the girl whom my wife saw and the little girl in her dream are two different persons.
Okay, this is a bit creepy since there are two ghosts in that house now. When my wife asked to go to bathroom, she asked me and her friend to accompany her. We went to one of the bathrooms near the hall where there are still three small mirrors and one large mirror in the bathroom. Once my wife’s friend clicked the switch on she and my wife screamed loud. My wife seemed shocked and her friend had fainted. I shut the door closed and carried my wife’s friend to the nearest sofa.
When my wife’s friend woke up I gave her a glass of water and asked her what happened, she said that she saw the same girl who is 17 years old hanging from the ceiling inside the bathroom. After my wife’s friend was relieved from the shock, we contacted her husband and went home. Since then, we have not gone to her house and we heard that they have moved to a new house.


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