The Mysterious Death of a Ghost Hunter

What you are about to read is a true story which happened recently. There was a person called Rohit Sharma who used to live in South Delhi (India). Rohit was a trained pilot and he was working with a leading airlines in India. He was married and his wife was expecting their first child. You can imagine how happy Rohit and his wife were. Having a dream job and a very high salary, Rohit and his wife were living a luxurious life. But one fine day, Rohit decided to leave his job and become a full time Ghost hunter. His wife and his family supported his decision. I don’t know how he got influenced and decided to be a Ghost Hunter.
After leaving his job Rohit gathered a few people who shared his thoughts and passion of Ghost Hunting. They investigated many haunted sites and they were getting popular in India. Rohit and his team were invited by many television channels on their shows. After being on many shows on television Rohit and his team created their own show which used to air on every Friday at 9 pm. I liked watching his shows because the show was very detailed and they used advanced gadgets and devices to attract the paranormal.
In one of his shows while investigating a haunted castle in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) one of his teammates suddenly started speaking in a male’s voice and everyone were shocked since that teammate was a girl and she became violent so they had to pin her down with force. It was obvious that she had been possessed by something. To make it more detailed Rohit and his team were still recording the entire event. They tied that possessed girl to a chair so that she could not harm herself or others. While the possessed girl was tied to the chair the team started questioning her. The first question they asked her was ‘Who are you and why did you possess this girl’?. The girl did not answer the question but she started making weird sounds and she was staring at Rohit. The team asked the same question again this time the possessed girl looked at Rohit and started laughing loud and she asked Rohit how was his pregnant wife doing. Rohit did not answer that question but instead asked her the same question again ‘Who are you and why did you possess this girl?. The girl looked at Rohit and started laughing loud and said ‘My name is Raja Ranbir’ and the reason I possessed this girl is because you people have come to my castle without my permission and disturbed me. Hearing this everyone were shocked since Raja Ranbir was a very cruel and murderous king in the 1600’s. After saying this the girl became calm and opened her eyes and asked the team why did they tie her up. She looked and sounded normal so they untied her.
After this episode was aired on television there was a lot of mixed reviews about it. Some people said it was scripted and stage and some people believed it was true and some were confused. Well after this episode there were many episodes which were aired on the television.
Then one day I happened to see an interview of Rohit Sharma where he was talking about his life and family. In that interview he looked as if he was not sleeping well and he looked sad and depressed. While he was talking about his family he said that his wife had a severe miscarriage with their first child. On hearing this I remembered the episode of Jaipur where the possessed girl had asked Rohit about his pregnant wife. After the interview finished, I tried to find information about all the episodes which I had missed. I watched all the episodes online which I had missed.
One fine morning I was shocked to read the news that Rohit Sharma is dead. The Police say that he had committed suicide in the bathroom. But, his family members say that he was not a person who would commit suicide. His wife said that he used to tell her that an evil spirit was troubling him a lot and because of that he was disturbed and depressed. He had told this to his teammates also.

But no one thought that this had become so serious that it took his life. Till date no one knows the actual reason of his death. Some people say that he was depressed and that’s the reason he took his own life. Some say he was troubled by an evil spirit which led him to commit suicide. Well whatever the reason of his death may his soul rest in peace.

RIP Rohit Sharma.


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