Go Game on It or Leave It

My wife’s accomplished games are;
1. Papa pear level 555. STOPPED due to the data capacity.
2. Swordigo, all levels SOLVED
3. Candy Crush Saga level 400. STOPPED due to the data capacity.
4. Cash of Clan/COC. Top Leader Ring 1. STOPPED due to office’s ban for using office’s WiFi to play this type of game in the break time.
5. Fairy Farm level 100. STOPPED due to huge data.
6. Rising Super Chef level 323. Currently playing.
7. Pearl’s Peril level 42-Hawaii. Currently playing.

First time I met her, I did not know that she is playing so many games even higher levels than me in these games.. Then, the more I got to know her the more I understood how she loves to play the games. Her love towards these games tempted me to join her in playing a game called Swordigo and, finally we solved the game together. Her love for games is not the subject of this article, but I want to share about on how she manages her time between her office work, household work and the games. While she is at work I don’t know how does she manage playing these games in her break time and she is always ahead in these games than me. I also work but I can’t manage so many things at one time maybe I am not a multi-tasking guy. As for my wife she works as a planner in her office and considering her work I think it’s hard to manage so many things but she does it so wonderfully and smoothly.
Because she knows that she has to manage her time with so many things, she wakes up so early to prepare for all. Once the preparation is done, she plays two of her favorite games and then does her exercise for five minutes. After she is done with her exercise she starts with other household cores while keeping her eye on the games and makes sure that the lives in the games are full. If its full then she plays again. If its not full then she continues her house work, such as cleaning the house or gardening.
While I am still sleeping she tries to finish all of her work before playing the games. And when i wake up, she will not touch her games until my breakfast is ready. After breakfast, we both get ready to go to office but amazingly she gets ready before me and always finds time to play the games while I get ready.
In the evening, she can play her games freely because we have our dinner early and I watch television. And I watch her how she manages everything throughout the day and it really amazes me how she does it. The best thing I do is I just sit back and try to learn the time management she uses.
One point that you can not miss is she always picks time management type of games. From Papa Pear to COC needs time to revive each player’s full lives. I remember when I recommended some games to her she studies the games first from Google Play.
Second point is she uses a tab that is larger than a smartphone or I-phone. This makes her finger maneuvers so easily to play and click of all the objects. This is why she can finish all stages so fast.
Third point is she gets into the game without any other consideration. She does not think about her work when she plays the game. She just plays and finishes it. When she does not want to play the games in one day then she does not think about her games and she concentrates on other things to do. Once or twice she brings her work home and finishes it quickly. When she finds a difficulty, she will have a brainstorming with me or just plays the games. In short, she never thinks that the game is the problem, but a helper and time passing activity.
That is how my wife manages her time to play the game. So, if you are committed to one activity it is just go game on it or leave it. I think it is a general method in every way to do something we like.


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