An Extremely Haunted Cemetery

Me and my friends were challenged to stay overnight at an extremely haunted cemetery. This cemetery is listed as one of the dangerous and extremely haunted places on earth. Many paranormal investigators had attempted to investigate this cemetery at night but due to something they could not and there are rumors that this cemetery is equally active in the day time. This cemetery is very old which date back to the 1800’s.
Before doing the overnight challenge me, and my friends did some research on the cemetery and we came across many facts which made us more excited to explore. In this cemetery there is a place where there are 2 graves side by side and it is believed that a mother and a daughter have been buried there in 1807 who died in a gruesome fire. And between those graves there is a structure which looks like a huge chair and that chair is called the devils chair.
The devils chair itself has a very scary story. After the death of that mother and daughter the husband was totally heart broken and he used to go to their graves and sit there from morning till late night. The husband built that structure which looks like a chair and he used to sit there and mourn. After his death in 1809 he was buried in a different location which he did not like and started haunting the place. There are reports that people have seen him sitting on that chair and crying and if anyone would pass that place they were attacked by him. The locals have described him as the devil and they would not wander around that place even in the day. After getting all the information we were ready for the challenge.
It was around 7:30 pm me and my 2 friends reached the cemetery and were surprised to find the cemetery locked. So we asked around and found out that the cemetery is locked at 7 pm and opened at 8 am so if we do this challenge it means that we will be locked inside this so called extremely haunted cemetery for the entire night and if there is any emergency we would not get any help since it is illegal to be inside the cemetery after 7 pm and if we are caught we would be arrested and put in jail. There were many risks but then we decided to do it the next day.
The next day we reached the cemetery at 5 pm and we started exploring the old graves. Believe me we were shocked to see very old graves dating to late 1800’s. The graves were in good condition I think all these graves were well maintained by someone or maybe the locals who lived around the cemetery were maintaining it. We were exploring the cemetery and looking for the devils chair. It was getting dark and we still could not find it since the cemetery was huge and we also had to be careful that we were not seen by anyone since it was illegal to stay in the cemetery after 7 pm.
After searching for the devils chair we found it and it was located in the middle of the cemetery and it looked very weird. It looked like a chair built with simple red bricks and cement and it was located between these 2 graves as we had read about it. The strange thing about this devils chair was the entire cemetery had green grass but where this devils chair was situated there was no grass it was like a barren spot in the cemetery. It was dark and it was around 9 pm we started hearing some strange noises like someone was screaming in pain and someone whispering around our ears. We had to survive until 8 am when the gates open. We were scared because we did not know what will happen next. We decided that we will sit near the devils chair since we could not see anything.
I found a spot away from the devils chair where I could sit and my other friend sat near me. My other friend sat on the devils chair since he found it very comfortable and he started joking about it. We were not scared of ghost or anything but we were scared of snakes or other wild animals who can attack us.
While we were sitting there we could hear someone talking and then my friend who was sitting with me felt like someone touched him on his back and he jumped so hard that it nearly gave me a heart attack… We checked around to see if anyone was messing around with us but there was no one there. I could hear someone saying ‘It is not the time’, ‘They are innocent’ and ‘Kill them’. This really sucked out the air from my lungs. My other friend who was sitting on his thrown which was the devils chair did not make any sound we thought he was dead or something. So I stood up and went to check him out. He was just sitting there with his eyes wide open as if he was terrified I tried to shake him but he was not moving. I felt like someone had pinned him down. I always carry a Holy Bible with me so I removed it from my backpack and put it on his lap and said ‘Jesus please help us’. Believe me he woke up immediately and we all felt like there was no evil around us. The fear had just disappeared and we all sat there on the so called Devils chair until the sun came up and we managed to go back. But what we experienced was enough to make anyone shit in their pants. So me and my friends managed to complete the challenge of staying overnight in a haunted cemetery.


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