Something Followed My Friend to His House


My friend is a new Paranormal Investigator. I mean he is new to all this ghost stuff. He does not know all the rules of being a Paranormal Investigator. But he enjoys doing it.
He has been to many haunted locations and some creepy cemeteries. But after doing an overnight investigation in an abandoned cemetery, things have changed in his life and his house. He has been falling sick very often and he has totally stopped socializing with people and he locks himself in his room.
I was wondering what was wrong with him. I have tried calling him on his mobile many times, but his mobile is always switched off. I called his wife and asked her what’s going on. She told me to come to her house and check him because he’s locked himself in his room for days. He has not eaten food or even drank water for many days and she is scared. So I decided to go and visit his house to find out what’s going on.
Before I left my house, I prayed to our Lord Jesus Christ for protection against any evil thing which I could face. I always carry a Holy Bile with me anywhere I go. But this time, I had a feeling in my heart to take some Holy water with me. When I was getting closer to my friend’s house, I felt like praying again so I stopped my car, and prayed. I am not so religious, but I always pray every day. I parked my car and headed towards his front yard. When I reached his front door and before I knocked the door, I could smell something rotting like a dead animal or something. After knocking several times on the door, his wife opened the door and all I could see on her face was fear. At this moment I understood what was going on. I could sense that there is something very evil around this house. I removed the Holy water from my backpack and told his wife to sprinkle it all around the house. While she sprinkled the Holy water around the house the smell of something rotting was reducing and after a while it had gone away.
I went to my friend’s room and knocked the door but there was no response. So I knocked the door again while holding the Holy Bible in my right hand and I shouted loud, “I command you to open this door in Jesus’s name.” Believe me or not, I heard a loud noise inside the room and my friend opened the door and he had a smile on his face. So, I told him to pack a few cloths and come and stay in my house for a few days until we can figure out what to do next.
So we all went to my house that day. After my friend and his wife had settled down I asked my friend what happened and how this started. He told me that he had found this abandoned cemetery and tried to do some EVP’s there. By now you guys should know what is an “EVP”. Anyways my friend got good response with the EVP. Then all of a sudden everything went quite and then my friend could feel like something was pulling him down towards this grave which had black mud and was smelling like rotten flesh. He anyhow managed to set himself free and ran towards his car. When he reached home he told his wife what had happened. Since my friend and his wife were atheist they did not bother about it much. The next day all weird things started happening in the house like things started moving on their own and glass plates were thrown to the floor. They could hear someone talking and many things. His wife had seen a huge dark shadow all around the house.
I told my friend that when he returned from that abandoned cemetery something had followed him back to his house. And after that the haunting started. My friend called a priest to bless the house and he put his house for sale. They did not want to live in that house after what they experienced. After a few weeks their house was sold and the family living there did not complain of anything weird in the house.
There is a 99.9% chances of something following you back to your house whenever you visit any haunted places. In my opinion you should not mess with such things.


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