3 AM Challenge in a Haunted Tunnel

There are many tunnels around the world which are believed to be haunted by evil spirits. This is my experience in an extremely haunted tunnel. Why 3 AM? It is believed that 3 AM is the time when paranormal activity is very high compared to any other time of the night. One more thing, if you ever decide to explore any tunnel haunted or not haunted please carry extra batteries for your flash light because after reading this article you will understand why you need extra batteries. I like to take challenges in life because it teaches me that failure is not the end of the world but we have to challenge ourselves whenever possible so we can know how much we can tolerate. Now back to my experience in a haunted tunnel.
Me and my 2 friends, Fred and Monto, share the same passion of exploring weird stuff. We are not scared of any paranormal activity but respect it because we don’t know what we are dealing with. One fine morning while having my tea I got a call from my friend, Monto and we decided to meet up at Fred’s house which is an hour drive from my house. I told my wife and asked her if she wanted to join me but she told me to carry on since she was busy. So I left for my friends house. After reaching there I was greeted by my friends and we all 3 sat on the sofa and chatted. Monto suggested we should do something exciting since its been a long time. Then Fred said we should do a 3 AM challenge in a haunted place. We started to think of a haunted place. We did not want to go to a haunted cemetery or a haunted house because we have been to such places many times. We wanted to go to a new place so exploring it would be fun. Then Fred’s wife suggested that we should go to this tunnel which is a 2 hour drive from Fred’s house. So we hooked up to the internet to get more information about this tunnel. But unfortunately the only information we could get was that the tunnel was built in the year 1826 and it was a long tunnel which was nearly 12 kilometers. It was used in many wars to divert soldiers to different parts of the land. This was the only information we had and the locals there say that the tunnel has witnessed many deaths from the time it was built. So this was 100% guaranteed that this tunnel is haunted and we were ready to do the 3 AM challenge in this haunted tunnel the same night. We decided to meet up at 12 am in Fred’s house.
I went back home and told my wife about the plan. She was excited and told me to be careful. Just before leaving my house my wife put something in my pocket which looked like a pen and told me just in case you might need it because she knew I was carrying just a flash light and nothing else. I reached my friends house and checked what they were carrying and to my surprise they were carrying the same just one flash light because we were not planning to venture deep inside the tunnel. So we all got into Fred’s car and drove towards our destination ‘The Haunted Tunnel’. We reached the tunnel at 2:30 am. The tunnel looked normal but it had a lot of wired paintings on it with a lot of bad words. One sentence caught my eye which read ‘GO BACK THE DEVIL IS HERE’. Jokingly I told my friends hey we have an appointment with the devil tonight and we all started laughing. After we stopped laughing we actually heard a creepy laugh coming from inside the tunnel. We looked at each other and laughed again thinking it was just an echo of our laughing. It was 3 am and we entered the tunnel so our 3 am challenge had officially started. We started walking into the tunnel and everything seemed normal at first and then suddenly the temperature dropped and it became very cold. We started hearing strange noises and then we started feeling that we were surrounded by a huge crowd and then we felt that we were getting pushed deep inside the tunnel. We looked at each other and decided to go outside the tunnel. But as we turned to go back all our flash lights stopped working and we were in total darkness. We started hearing voices, giggles, screaming and many more its really hard to describe it. Anyways we had to stay together so we held each others hands and tried walking. We did not know where we were going but we did not stop walking. We were not scared of the noises but we were worried about snakes and open man holes. We were getting tired walking in the darkness. So we decided to stop and wait until morning. We can go out when it is bright. While we were sitting in the dark between all the creepy noises I touched my upper pocket and found that pen like thing my wife had put in my pocket before leaving my house. When I took it in my hand I realized it was a small pen torch. I switched it on and it was enough light to get out of that tunnel. Once we were out we realized how deep we had ventured into the tunnel and it would be very difficult to find our way out even if it was day time.
The tunnel was very creepy but God’s grace was with us all the time. So this is the reason when ever you plan to explore any places like this tunnel make sure you carry extra packs of batteries. This is the way we completed the 3 AM challenge in a haunted tunnel.


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