Black Magic: A Shortcut to Get Rich

During my stay in Indonesia, I have seen so many people practicing black magic. No matter where it is, big cities like Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya or even very friendly cities like Yogyakarta and Bali, I have seen it.
The places where you know that people are busy with their successful businesses maybe some of their businesses are boosted through Black Magic. The people who are practicing black magic do not care that their action will be known. They just want to save their ass and money. They even show the black magic ritual off to others or public for making their competitors scared. Even though, they know that their competitors may do the same thing to them or maybe worst things than them.
In Medan, I have seen an Indonesian-Chinese shop owner cut their daughter’s long hair and burned the hair in front of their shop. The ritual itself is led by such a Buddhist priest/monk (I am not sure and do not want to find it out). Along with the ritual, they were also giving red papers to some people who were watching the ritual. Some of people throw the paper because they say that they are afraid that something bad will happen to them. Those people who throw the paper said that the ritual is actually a shortcut to ripe the shop owner’s business and whoever receives the paper will have bad luck. Some people who are ignorant about these facts and keep the red paper and then they face bad luck in their life this includes some foreigners who visit the place at that time. But, I do not have the time to check the truth of the story. I did not take the paper because of that notification. It does not mean that I am scared of the black magic, but we have to be very careful in a foreign land.
In Jakarta, I have seen a Javanese man carrying some pictures to the dirty river and then he threw those pictures along with some flowers-rose, jasmine, and tuberose-into the river. People who witnessed the ritual said that the Javanese took the pictures of people that he did not like and then spell something while he threw them in the river. This ritual can give him a lot of money by taking the people’s life. Why it has to be a river? Because a river has a long flow and it will end far into the sea. It means every person that he dislikes will get a long term sickness and they will suffer a lot before they die. The longer time they suffer the more money he gets. This does not make any sense to me but this is what the locals believe.
In Surabaya and Yogyakarta, I have seen so many people going to places where they believe it is full of holy spirits and they do meditation and fasting for some days. After the meditation and fasting rituals, they will go home and become more fortunate. A man who was single for a long time can get a very pretty lady in a short time and a lady who wants to get her dream man can marry the man. Someone who wants to get a high paying job can get the job they want so easily. The meditation and fasting is said to be a shortcut for them to get everything they want.
In Bali, some of the people do the ritual with Barong or Leak doll so they can get more customers for their shops, hotels, or restaurants. The more customers the more money they get. It’s like something you believe besides God.
Many of you will not believe this story until you have seen it with your own eyes. But, believe it or not, you must think this way: These rituals are believed as a shortcut to get rich even though it is so wrong. Why? Because no matter how unfortunate you are, you have to believe in God. When you give your entire life and treasure to God then you will not feel you have lost anything. You will not feel that money or being rich is the ultimate goal in your life. The goal is happiness and happiness does not count from rich or poor.
When people practice black magic, they may say that the success of doing it is also God’s blessing. But, black magic by taking people’s life or making someone’s life miserable is not related anything to God. Whatever they are doing can not be followed because I believe in karma that one day they will get their own suffering which is worst than the people’s life they have taken.
As a foreigner in Indonesia, I will be careful with these things. I will keep my faith in God Almighty and believe that God is my only savior in good and bad luck. Do not engage in this kind of activity and stay safe. May Jesus Christ be with us forever. Amen.


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