Suspicious Smoke

One fine night when I was relaxing in the living room, I could smell a suspicious smoke. It smelt a bit like tobacco or burned garbage. I ignored it at first, but then the smell was getting stronger. It was like someone was smoking or burning something near me.
I called my wife to ask her about the smoke. I found her in the kitchen and asked her to come with me to the living room. Since she was busy with cooking she could not go with me. When I returned to the living room, I could not smell the same thing, so I let it go.
One day after that night, I sat again in the living room while working on my laptop and I could smell the same smoke. I was so curious about it, I went outside to check but everything was dark. When I switched on the lamp outside, I could not find anything. I thought that the smoke must be coming from my neighbors house. Then, I called my neighbor by land line phone and asked them about the smoke, but they said that they did not smell the same thing. Still curious, I went to the back of my house and the smell is not strong there, even there is no one or anything which could possible cause the smell.
I came in to the house and asked my wife about the smoke. She finally came with me outside to find the cause of the smoke, but we could not find anything.
In the midst of the darkness, something with the same smell like the smoke we encountered before was behind us. We turned around quickly but the smell is gone. So weird…
Since my wife is afraid of the dark and something weird around us then she asked me to return to the house. I followed my wife into the house and the smoke once again was gone. This happened until four days in a row. I always searched for the source but could not find anything until the fifth day.
On the fifth day, I checked the back of the house near the warehouse and I found an old man smoking freely. When I asked him why does he smoke near the warehouse, he did not reply. So, I thought that my Bahasa Indonesia is not clear for him or he just understands Javanese language. I went back to the house and asked my wife to speak to him but when we returned to the back of the house, he was not there anymore. When we wanted to go into the house, my wife stopped suddenly.
She just remembered that there is a story from her grandmother that if I meet or see the old man who is smoking in the back of the house then I just need to smile and respect him. The next thing she said is the old man is just another entity or spirit who likes to know if there is a newcomer in the house.
Okay, so I just met and saw a spirit, an actual spirit. After that my wife hugged me and said that she is so scared and wanted me besides her all the time. I calmed her down and said lets pray to God for him so his soul is in peace up there.
After we prayed that night to God, we never smelt that suspicious smoke anymore. May he find his peace beside God eternally.


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