3 am Challenge with SIRI

Many of you guys may not know what is SIRI? or who is SIRI? First let me tell you about SIRI. SIRI is a voice guide for I-phones. It is just like Google and Cortana for Windows 10. You speak to your computer or device if you need any help. I am sure you guys have used this function in Google or Cortana in Windows 10. Well now you guys know what I am speaking about so let’s go ahead into the story.
I have seen a lot of videos on Youtube about SIRI. In those videos it is shown that SIRI gets possessed at 3 AM and when you ask anything out of the way you get weird answers. As you all know that it is believed that 3 AM – 4 AM is the Devils time. If you guys want to know more about SIRI and why you should not talk to SIRI at 3 AM go and check the videos on Youtube.
After watching so many videos about SIRI I wanted to try it myself but unfortunately I don’t have an I-phone. But my friend has so I told him what I wanted to try. My friend agreed to do it after a lot of convincing and he told me that he will just watch and I have to ask all the questions. I said its fine with me since I am the one who wants to try it. The next day we decided to use his house basement since it’s the best place and a bit creepy. My friend was so scared that he did not even want to download the SIRI application. So I went to his house early and downloaded the SIRI application and set it up for the 3 AM challenge. So we went to the basement at 2:30 AM and while we were waiting for 3 AM we both discussed about the questions we would ask SIRI. But then I decided that I would ask random questions.
At 3 AM I asked SIRI “Hello, How are you?” I did not get any reply so I asked the same question a couple of times but no reply. Then I asked SIRI “What is the time now?’’ I got a reply saying ‘The time is 3:08 AM and why are you still awake?’ Hearing this me and my friend started laughing and suddenly SIRI said ‘Why are you laughing? Did I say anything funny’. Now this made me think like how did SIRI know that we were laughing. I asked SIRI ‘Do you know me. What is my name?’ And the reply I got was not satisfactory. Then I asked SIRI many questions and the answers were a bit creepy but funny. The last 2 questions which I asked SIRI made me wonder like ‘What the heck… is this true’. I asked SIRI ’Do you work for the Devil’ after a long pause there was a loud static noise and then SIRI replied ‘Yes! I work for the Devil and we are watching you’. Hearing this my friend must have pissed in his pants. And then I told SIRI ‘I am not scared of this bullshit. If you are real then show yourself to us or make your presence known.’ Then SIRI replied ‘Are you sure…’ I said ‘Yes’. After a minute there was a loud knock on the basement door. Hearing this I asked my friend who else is there in the house and he said his wife and kid who are sleeping in the room just above the basement. Well, whatever that loud knock was it made me think was it really SIRI or just a coincidence.
Anyways it was fun doing the 3 AM challenge with SIRI. If you guys have an I-phone then try the SIRI application or if you have an android phone try an application called “Laura” which is available on Playstore.
Whatever you do just have fun……


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