Scammer in a simple way is someone who uses different ways for tricking people. In real life or through the internet, scammers are really smart in what they do and they never leave a chance they get to scam people. For them, scamming innocent people is a way for making money or just for fun. But, money is a huge reason of all.
Scammers like to hunt their prey in mostly from the internet because they can put any picture which people like most, such as a beautiful and young girl, pervert pictures, hot and bulky guys, or even company’s picture. The pictures are all fake because they are not their own. They just crop or edit pictures from someone’s uploaded picture. What a shame!
A professional scammer would even design a very outstanding company’s picture or logo which would look real just like the original picture or logo so they can lure their preys easily. So many people believe in what they see and this means a lot of money for the scammers. They also design their own company’s picture or logo for their fake organization so they have some sub-scammers who work under them.
Whatever the scammers do, I just can not think the reason of their illegal action. Scam is definitely a criminal way and every scammer must go behind bars for a long time. I do not speak about this for my own because I do not have any single experience with a scammer. Thank God! And, every time I contacted new clients whom I got from the internet, I always check their profile both from the internet and the real company.
I just think right now: what will they do if they get the same thing from other scammers? Will they take revenge or they would not care of the action? It will be fun if we can see scammers scamming each other as we can see in movies. When they scam someone, do they think of their family? Or, maybe most of them do not have family so they can use the money for fun. When their family, if they have a family, get scammed by other scammers can they take the action back to the same scammer. For me, my own thinking right now, scammer is a part of revenge also. It shows that the action is not healthy and it can poison someone’s mind.
Poisoning someone’s mind on scamming is their own wrongdoing. They want to engage with the illegal action which brings a lot of money even I am sure that the money will be gone in a short time. They may use the money to buy land or properties, but you can find so many abandoned properties and land which are signed by the government.
Scammer, where ever you are, please think wise and stop your action because it can poison your mind and consume your health. Think of your time and talent also, it is wasted because you can use it for something else.
I also want to say sorry that I can not give you any available job with high salary which may satisfy your need as I can only give you an advise.


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