A Weird Thing Happened

At 12 am, I woke up because I heard a small noise beside me. I looked at my wife who was still sleeping in my acknowledge, but she was getting up from the bed. I wondered where she wanted to go. I wanted to ask her, but she was still sleepy so I just looked at her. Oh, maybe she wanted to go to the toilet.
I followed her and yes, she is in the toilet. I waited for her outside the bathroom and felt that I wanted to go to the toilet too. After five minutes, she came out and she looked at me and got scared and screamed “OH, My GOD!!!” But suddenly she realized that it was me.
She yelled at me since all of a sudden I was standing there out of the blue. “Youuuuuuuuuu..why are you wearing a white shirt?” and I just laughed out loud. So, she tought that I am a ghost?? LOL
I laughed so long and I went to the toilet while I was laughing inside the bathroom. My wife who was still pissed off at me returned to our bedroom and waited for me there. Once she seen me entering our room, she yelled at me again and she said, “Do not laugh again.” with a very miserable yet a cute face. So, I just hugged her and we went back to sleep.
In the morning, I was still laughing just remembering the funny incident which happened last night. Every time I laughed, she just looked at me and pouted her lips. She looked so cute that I had to hug and kiss her. This continued for a week since it was so funny and whenever I remembered that incident I cannot stop my laughter.
On a weekend I was watching a horror movie which was a really scary and awesome movie in the 80’s. You guys must be aware of the movie. The movies name is ‘The Evil Dead’. I was so engrossed in the movie when I felt someone touching my shoulder. I did not bother much about the touching. I thought it was my wife who wanted to scare me since I was watching a horror movie. So I looked behind me. I just said, “Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”
To my surprise there was nobody there but I could feel something present there. So I called out to my wife to check out where she was. My wife answered from the kitchen saying she is cleaning the kitchen. Now I started wondering if my wife is in the kitchen how can she touch me so with that thought in my mind I started checking around my house. I did not find anything so I returned to the living room and sat down on the couch and continued watching the horror movie. After a while my wife finished her work in the kitchen and came and sat down beside me. She asked me what happened and I narrated the entire incident to her. She said that there is nobody else present in the house except us. She said that since I was watching a horror movie and being so engrossed in the movie my mind is playing tricks with me. So I was forced to believe that.
But the truth is I still keep wondering what was touching my shoulder was it real or just my imagination. If anyone of you have experienced the same thing like I have experienced then you will understand what I am talking about. The truth remains true that our minds does play tricks with us


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