My Buddhist’s Friend House

In Indonesia, there are five religions which live in harmony-Islam, Buddha, Hindu, Christian, and Catholic. These religion have their own fanatics which is shown in their daily life. This also can be seen in my friend’s house who is Buddhist.
This friend and me got to know each other in an English course institute where we both teach in our spare time. My friend, Dharma, has an unique point of view when we are speaking and we like to debate often. After all, his point of view makes me want to speak to him in many occasion and have many challenges on many things. So many times, he invited me and my wife to his house and I often could not go to his house due to work. But one day I made sure that we had time to visit his house.
When he invited me, he said that he will prepare a lot of Indonesian good cooking, from curry to the traditional cookies. Wow, my mouth was watering and I really appreciated everything he offered because he lives alone. He is a devoted Buddhist so he lives unmarried.
On the day, me and my wife were going to his house happily. We reached a white yet simple one story house where he was there to greet us. I introduced him to my wife and I know that he can get along with my wife’s personality since this is the first time for them to meet and I don’t want my wife to keep aside because of his unique personality.
He made us sit in his living room and served so many traditional snacks. It was confusing for me to pick which one fits to my taste so I was following my wife’s pick. Looking closely at his living room, there are so many spider web with a few big spiders there. Thank God for my wife that she did not get scared looking at those spiders, but of course it is an odd situation for her to come in a house which has spider webs. While we were sitting there we saw a few cockroaches in the corner of his another room. I was praying that my wife wont see them because she does not like cockroaches.
While speaking to him, my wife screamed loud which shook both of us because her legs touched a huge mouse. That mouse looked friendly to humans and just stared at my wife innocently. Then, the next thing Dharma did is he just picked up the mouse and asked him to go to the back room. While my wife was holding my arm tightly. My friend apologized and told us that it is his principal of life. He does not hurt or harm any animal so he lets any animal including insects to live peacefully in his house.
We spoke so much about his principal of life and the uniqueness of his point of view. This made my wife understand fully about his life. My wife still gets scared of insects but she does not avoid to stay in the house. However, it is just a short visit to his house and we have to respect others as we respect ourselves.


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