When My Wife Falls Sick

Nobody likes to fall sick in the first place. When somebody whom you love so dearly falls sick, your life becomes miserable and you tend to shut down. You start focusing on the well-being of the one you love.
For me, my wife is my super hero. She is like my wonder women always charged up and ready to do anything and everything. She takes care of everything in the house as well as taking care of me, pampering me, and catering to all my needs. While doing this, she does not show any tiredness on her face. But, the fact is she is also a human and gets tired and has to take rest just like me.
She wakes up at 5 am or sometimes 4 am and starts her house hold work like cleaning the house, watering the garden, washing the dishes, then preparing breakfast and many other things. She finishes all these things before I wake up. My wife is the life line of our house. When I wake up, everything is ready. All I do is go to the bathroom brush my teeth have a bath wear my cloths have my breakfast and then kiss my wife and go to office. And when I come back home I find everything done. I remove my cloths and put them in the laundry knowing that my wife will take care of it. I have my evening tea and eat some delicious snacks which my wife prepared while I was in office. Then we both sit down in the living room and talk about random stuff like what we did the entire day.
Let me tell you something about my lovely wife apart from waking up early in the morning and finishing all the house hold work. She also works for a Japanese company as a Manager from 9 am to 5 pm. This is the reason I call her my wonder women. She is always ready for anything without showing any tiredness.
Now after reading everything above you may think that we have a patriarchy way of life. Which is not true because she loves to do all the house chores and she loves to correct me a lot about this and that. You know how it is when a wife starts grumbling. The funny thing is when I start to do the thing correctly then she will say that she misses her grumbling.
What happens when my wife falls sick and she cannot do everything? I try to wake up early as possible and start cleaning the house, watering the garden, washing the dishes and preparing breakfast for my wife. Believe me it sounds easy but it’s extremely difficult to do it. I get totally washed out while I do it. I wonder how my wife does it with ease. Whenever my wife falls sick I get the opportunity to help her and pamper her a lot. The most important factor is she really appreciates my hard work and she knows that she can depend on me for getting the job done. I love my wife more than anything in this world and I am ready to do anything for her no matter how hard it is and I enjoy doing it.


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