Cheap and Tasty food in Indonesia

Everyone loves to eat tasty food and they are willing to pay any amount for it. This happens all around the world. I have also traveled around the world and paid a lot of money in different restaurants, food courts, and small shacks just to eat tasty food and satisfy my taste buds. If you compare European food with Asian food I don’t know what you would choose but I would definitely choose Asian food because it has a lot of varieties and so many different spices that would satisfy the taste buds. I have traveled to many countries in Asia and eaten a lot of delicious food which were not so expensive as in the west.
I love the food in few countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. These countries serve very good quality food and which are superbly delicious. But the prices are different in each country. Some are expensive and some are not. The best thing is there are so many options for every type of foods, from dry to gravy. You can pick anything you want based on your taste buds. I love eating in these countries but the best food I have eaten is in Indonesia.
Indonesia is a very beautiful country and the people are very friendly. There are different cultures which offer different types of delicious food. If you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian no problem there is a lot of tasty food for everyone. Comparing the cost of the food with other countries I found Indonesia the best. You can eat a huge portion of traditional foods just for 50 Rupees (Indian Rupees). Very satisfied experience. You can even go to the market and buy food from there without any worry. The food is tasty, cheap, and clean.
If you want to explore the food paradise you have to visit Indonesia and enjoy the food.


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