Evil Thing is the Easiest Thing To Do

Evil thing is not always about thieving, robbery, murder, and many heavy criminality. It is when we are gossiping about others, talking back to the elders, bullying others verbally or slightly getting physical. For example, you initiate people in your division to make one person in your division feel uncomfortable at office. You can talk bad about that one person even if its not true in a convincing way. You can use all of the means you get, like pictures or even video which is actually not related to the actual fact shown in the picture or video. Since it has proof so you can make others to hate one person. And its sad to see this one person getting hatred from others without knowing what is the cause.
This kind of evil thing may cause minimum but who knows that it can cause a maximum damage to one’s mental. This kind of evil thing you may think its so simple but actually it is bad. Evil thing is always bad, no matter which way you look at it.
There is an Evil side in everyone. Just like the color black and white. The one who can handle or avoid it is called maturity. Our maturity shows from our inner heart and speak loud when we want to speak evil and turn it into good words. Of course, it is related to our nature also.
Whatever we want it to be, our good will and nature can fight with our evil thing. Good will in this matter can be built from the time we wake up. We wake up with full love with our partner beside us. We look at our partner and we must know that it is the time that our good will will start the day.
We can start the day with praying for our partner, family,and people around us. But, can we pray for our people whom we don’t like? Can we stop our evil thing towards that person? Of course we can if there is a good will.
Good will is hard to create especially after we had a relentless night or bad dream. But, if we have a clear mind of anything which is so difficult to make it true the good will will come anytime even from early in the morning till we want to sleep.
As I have an evil thing in my mind like being too emotional to my under co-workers then I may improve my meditation so I can have a very pure goodwill since in the morning. I am still learning also to remove the evil thing to my office people and I am trying to pray for all of my friends and all of my enemies even it is a hard thing to do.


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