Inquisitive People

There are a lot of Inquisitive people all around the world. I want to share with you my experience with such kind of people. Whenever I am in Yogyakarta, Indonesia I come across a lot of people who want to know everything about you. Like from where are you, what do you do?, Where do you live?, Why have you come here and a lot of other things. I have traveled all around the world and have come across many inquisitive people but I will share the experience I had in my wife’s home land which is Indonesia. Right from the time I land in Indonesia people stare at me with a lot of questions in their mind. At the immigration counter the officer looks at me with a smile on his face and tells me “hmmm… India, Bollywood very nice… and stamps my passport. While walking towards the exit doors I can see many people smiling at me. After reaching my wife’s mothers house the neighbors line up at the door to see what I have brought from India. When me and my wife go to the mall or to watch a movie so many people come up to us and start a conversation and they want to know everything about us. It is a nice feeling that people want to know everything about you and your background. But sometimes you feel that they cross their limits and then you start feeling uncomfortable.
People ask so many questions and sometimes I get confused in answering them because of the language barrier. I can understand a little of Bahasa which is the language of Indonesia. When people see that I don’t speak their language then they start asking my wife. Well wherever we go we are bound to find Inquisitive people. It is a part of the human nature.
So whenever you come across Inquisitive people just face them with a smile on your face and everything will be fine.


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