Street Food in South Korea

I had always dream of visiting South Korea for its food, culture and tradition. The main reason was for the food because I had heard a lot of good stuff from my friends and my wife. My wife has been to south Korea many times and just hearing about the delicious food she had eaten there makes my mouth water and my taste buds go wild. I got the opportunity to visit South Korea and I took it with open arms. Since this was my first visit to South Korea I was very excited and had a lot of expectations. I had the best guide to show me around and explore the food paradise (My wife, I love you darling). We landed in Seoul, South Korea early in the morning so I told my wife let us check in first in the hotel and without wasting any time let us start exploring the street food market. Since it was early in the morning and it was freezing cold outside and we both were starving. So we put on our jackets to stay warm while we explore the delicious food.
We both started walking down the street and looking around. We stopped at the first food stall for breakfast. The menu was in English so it was easy to order the food. This was the first time for me to actually eat Korean food. I was excited. We ordered a dish called Korean Egg Toast (The Korean Egg Toast comes with thinly shredded vegetables, spam and sprinkled with sugar). The taste was awesome. We explored many food stalls and had different types of mouth watering food. It is difficult to remember the all the names. These are the few names of the food we had for the entire day until we headed back to our hotel.
1. Korean Grilled Cheese Lobster which was very tasty. The seafood was so fresh and sweet.
2. Topokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)-cylinder-shaped rice cakes cooked in gochujang – a sweet, spicy red pepper sauce.
3. Odeng/Eomuk Tang- these are fishcake on skewers served with hot broth. Best to have these skewers during the cold weather when you can keep warm by holding a cup or bowl in your hands.
Me and my wife explored a lot of touring sites while enjoying the delicious street food. Well! You must visit South Korea to experience and enjoy the food, culture and tradition.


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