Bakpia is a traditional pastry of Yogya. It is a round small shape, around 3-4 cm diameter pastry. It is filled with mung bean, red bean, chocolate, durian, and cheese. The last one is my favorite. Cheese bakpia has enough sweetness and saltyness so it really suits my taste-buds. I really, really like Bakpia so I asked my wife how to make bakpia.
Bakpia seems easy to make so I asked my wife to make it in front of me. But, my wife is refused to make it because she said that buying Bakpia is cheaper than cooking it. She said that you can buy it for thirty thousand rupiah only for one box of Bakpia (20 pcs of Bakpia) which has a premium taste, but it can cost more than that if we cook it on our own. And, she said that I can learn to make Bakpia in a Bakpia factory.
Since Yogya is a center for Bakpia factories so we can find so many Bakpia factories that open their doors for foreigners like me to just experience how to make Bakpia. Since this idea sounds good I agreed to learn how to make Bakpia in Pathuk. Pathuk is a place where you can find many Bakpia shops. I was so eager to go and learn it from the experts.
My wife then called the factory and we agreed to go there on a weekend. I was sure that the learning experience in the Bakpia factory would be great. In the factory, me and my wife met some people who were from different countries. Their goal was the same that we want to learn how to make Bakpia and take home the Bakpia we made. In the factory, there is a tour guide who is explained about bakpia history and accompanied us in the field for making Bakpia. The guide then separated us into four large groups and told us to sit down in front of a long table. Beside every table, there were 2-3 assistant who helped us to make Bakpia. They all can speak standard English so it was fortunate for me.
In the factory, the assistants brought us the mashed mung bean, mashed cheese, and mashed chocolate so we can fill the pastry dough with one of them. It was fun doing it until it was the time to put the small bun of bakpia into the flour. The flour is used to make the filled pastry to become non-sticky to each other when they are baked. Right when two assistants came to our table to put the flour by mistake my hand hit the tray which was full of flour and the flour fell all over their body and face. Everyone laughed because of that accident and I apologized to them so many times.
After that incident, i was more careful in that field and I was feeling so happy with the result of the baking. Even though the Bakpia which I made was not so round like my wife’s Bakpia, I was so delighted to carry them home and eat them all. Even I asked my wife to buy more Bakpia for my snacks. I like Bakpia.
That was my experience with Bakpia and if you come to Yogya, do not forget to taste Bakpia. You can visit Pathuk, near Malioboro street, or Bakpia Pathok 145 near Kotagede (the silver place) to get more variant of Bakpia or you can visit Bakpia Kurnia, Bakpiaku, or Bakpia PIA for a modern touch.


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