Attending a Wedding Ceremony in Indonesia

Wedding ceremonies take place all around the world. The best thing about wedding ceremonies around the world is the way they take place. I mean different cultures and different traditions. I love attending wedding ceremonies because I get see different cultures and traditions and of course different types of delicious food.
Me and my wife attended a wedding ceremony of a friend just a few days back. In Indonesia you will find different cultures with different traditions which reflects in a wedding ceremony. Since, our friend is from Bali but lives in Yogyakarta we got to see the culture and tradition of Bali. Bali has a huge Hindu population and our friend is a hindu. So, the entire wedding ceremony had Hindu traditions. The entire wedding had a theme of flowers. There was so much of flowers with different colours. Everything looked awesome and the air was filled with the fragrance of beautiful flowers.
There were people wearing traditional cloths and head covering. The traditional cloths were so eye catching that we could not miss anything. Since we were close friends with the bride and the groom we were invited to sit with them on the stage. We could see everyone who were coming and going. I bet people must have thought that me and my wife were the bride and the groom because I guess we were looking better than the actual bride and the groom. Anyways, we enjoyed the Hindu wedding which was totally different from what we have back in India. After everything was done and we were still sitting on the stage with the bride and the groom. I looked at my wife and told her lets go and eat food. I told the groom that we are going to the food counter. At the food counter there was hundreds of different types of foods. We both took a plate and surveyed the entire food court and we had so many different types of salads, cold cuts and many more. We enjoyed everything what we had and we were ready to head back home. Before we left we had to greet the newly married couple once again. I told the groom and the bride how wonderful they looked with each other and may God bless them and I also told them the food was also awesome.
Wedding ceremonies in Indonesia are different from each other because there are so many people from different cultures and have different traditions. You will find people wearing beautiful traditional cloths. You will also see people wearing Batik with different colors. Overall, me and my wife enjoyed the entire Wedding Ceremony as well as the reception and the food.


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