Reunion with My School Mates

I have finished my schooling years in a boarding school. This boarding school is situated near a city called Nashik which is in the state of Maharashtra. Students from all over India come there to study. Since, the education is good and it’s pretty cheap. This boarding school had both girls and boys. While I was studying there I had made a lot of good friends who were boarders and non-boarders. In the boys hostel there were a couple of groups who were bullies. I was in a group of 7 boys who were just best friends and not bullies. Whenever we would see somebody getting bullied we would try to stop it. We were good in studies as well as in sports. After we finished our schooling there we all went our separate ways and we could not keep in touch so often because those days there was no mobile phones and no internet. We would write letters to each other which would take ages to reach its destination. Days, months and years passed by we were not in touch with each other. We did not know what the other person was doing until recently.
I was just browsing through Facebook and I came across a profile pic which looked familiar to me. I checked the profile and to my surprise it was my best friend from my boarding school days. I was so excited and I contacted him and through him I came in touch with my other friends. Some of them were in India and some of them were abroad. We all exchanged our mobile numbers and were in touch every day. Some of my friends were principals and teachers in schools and some had become businessmen. I can’t express how happy we all were getting in touch with each other. We were planning for a reunion in the same boarding school. So, we decided a day and we all met. When we saw each other we were all in tears and very emotional. We hugged each other and once again felt that we were back in school. Some of my friends had teenage children which made us feel a bit old. We all spent time to know about each other’s life. I told them that I am married and I don’t live in India. The reunion with my friends was awesome and the feeling was unique because we went back in time and spoke about everything we did in the boarding school. While we were there we re-visited the entire school campus and the boy’s hostel and the school building. We met all the students who were studying there and we also visited the cafeteria where we used to eat food when we were studying there. The entire reunion was a great success and now we all are in touch with each other which feels great. And we will again meet up in the boarding school and help out the school in any manner we can.


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